What our customers say about CHF Construction.....

“ I am delighted with the beautiful extension to my Grade 2 listed cottage which CHF Construction built for me during 2018. The quality and finish of the building is superb and a credit to the hard work of the guys who did it. From start to finish they listened to my requirements and went to great lengths to make sure my expectations were being met. In addition, they were very pleasant to have around and respectful of the surrounding area, minimising disruption to my garden and immediate neighbourhood.

My confidence in Charlie and his team grew quickly from the day they started work and lasted to the end. Whilst not being the cheapest option, the open-book pricing mechanism used by CHF Construction makes everything very transparent and avoids those tricky moments when you aren’t quite sure what you are getting for your money. It also enables you to see where cost savings can be made and the impact of changes you might decide along the way.

The whole experience has been a refreshing change and I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend CHF Construction to anyone wanting a high quality job done. ”

— Gill

“ Dear Charlie, David and all who have worked on our home,

To us, our home is a vitally important place - a place of sanctuary.

To see our plans - to have the kitchen and dining room at the heart of our home - come to fruition, has been an experience full of emotion: excitement, fear, apprehension, relief and joy. Meanwhile, you, Dave and the crew have remained calm, listening to us, guiding us and bringing our ideas together to create the wonderful space we now have.

Working with you has been a hugely positive experience. Most obviously, to anyone looking at our home, is the quality of the work. Less obvious, but no less important, is the care everyone has taken - in the planning, in the sharing of ideas, and in supporting us through the different phases of the work. Your holistic approach has been key to putting us at ease and filling us with confidence, knowing that our home was always in safe hands. In fact, in recent weeks, coming home at the end of the day, sharing a cuppa and a chat with the guys, has cemented that feeling.

And the highlights for the first week in the finished house: the first meal around our own table with the boys chattering with excitement; Mum and Pa taking an afternoon stroll to see us and share a cup of tea with us; coming into the kitchen in the morning to feel the warmth on my feet as I go to put the kettle on...

Thank you. ”

— Anna and Jason

“ This was a unique and challenging project, and the results have far exceeded my expectations. The house combines the tradition and beauty of stone and oak with the quality of an energy-efficient modern building. The whole team worked together with great attention to detail, to achieve the highest standards of craftsmanship. Good communication, excellent management of safety and consideration for environmental issues, all contributed to this success. The flexible open book contract was cost-effective and helped to mitigate risks. I would recommend this approach for similar building projects. ”

— Marie

“ Although my project was scoped and costed up front in the usual way, I found the 'Open Book' approach to be beneficial. It enabled on-going control of the budget and schedule, and the flexibility enabled me to make decisions and adjustments along the way. The main benefit was that every element was costed in hours (rather than price work) and Charlie's risk % on top was agreed up front, which meant it was all transparent with no ambiguous mark up or hidden costs. I found this was really reassuring, built up a relationship of trust and ultimately made my budget go further. ”

— Clare

“ The hallmarks of this firm are integrity, quality and reliability. Quality is assured through exemplary leadership, scrupulous oversight and fine craftsmanship. The team is proud of its work and rightly so. Nothing is skimped. Further, the open book policy gives confidence, peace of mind, and measured flexibility. ”

— I&H